As a leader in the Sports Goods Industry (Apparel/Soccer/Goal Keeper Gloves/Bags), we understand and appreciate the responsibility we carry towards our community and the environment. Being compliant; is an integral part of Silver Star’s culture and this is demonstrated in our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner.

Silver Star has a dedicated team of experts in the CSR department who report directly to CEO. This team is responsible for training and advising our management and staff on all matters related to CSR. In addition, they also communicate with customers about labor, environment, health and safety matters at Silver Star. Since this is a continuous process, our team works closely with our buyers, local and international organizations to discuss ways of bringing improvements to our workplace. This commitment to global standards of compliance is duly reflected through our certifications.

Silver Star’s management approach is based on two key principles


We firmly believe that profitability and growth should lead to an improvement in the quality and livelihood of our employees,
the stronger community and our future generations.

At Silver Star, each and every employee is respected and cared for. The company provides a conducive work environment to its people where they give peak performance and enhance their skills and getting Performance Incentives. It offers market-based compensation and benefits and distributes 10-11% of its profit amongst its employees in the form of bonuses and profit participation. The company spends 10% of its profit to provide all basic facilities to its people including EOBI contributions, Social security Coverage and Group Insurance. Multiple employee welfare schemes including gratuity, health care, Educational Scholarships, Marriage Grants, free pick & drop, subsidized meals etc. are in place.

  • Social Security

  • Perks and Bonuses

  • Employees Allowance

  • Pay Raise

  • Medical Facilities

  • Paid Vacation

  • Free Meal

  • Achievement Award


Silver Star exercises defined Management Policies and SOPs, inline monitoring with the best international practices to run Operational and Support functions. We invest in continuous improvement of the management processes including organizational structures, HR planning and performance management and expend time, effort and money to develop our employees. Performance based career growth opportunities and job rotation options make Silver Star a ROLE MODEL in the town. Senior Management considers employees as its strategic partners and believes that their growth translates into growth of the company.

Silver Star has installed 1 MW Solar System which offsets CO2 equivalent to 30,200 trees per year.


Silver Star is committed to promoting gender equality at its workplace, communities and through its supply chains and is making concerted efforts on supporting women. Silver Star truly believes that empowering women through employment and skill enhancement not only helps them achieve financial stability for themselves and their families but also makes them a productive member of the society. To enhance development opportunities for female employees, ‘SEW Project’ has been introduced with the objective

“To benefit Women from low income families from the growing economy while also benefitting SSG by providing skilled manpower through Silver Star Training Programs”

To support women empowerment and to improve gender parity within the organization, Silver Star has taken a strategic decision of employing a minimum of 10% women in executive & non-executive teams, in various grades including managerial roles and working cadres, by 2020.


Workplace safety is fundamental to our success. In fact, we include it as part of our business plans. Our safety policies and practices are designed to provide a safe workplace for our employees, and we’re proud of our safety performance. Our goal is simple “To achieve world-class safety performance”.


Our Heritage is our Asset. We are committed for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG), water and waste impacts across our activities to prevent pollution, conserve energy and avoid deterioration of our atmosphere.

We believe that growth that takes account of our environmental impacts is the only way to deliver sustainable returns. We comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations throughout our business operations.